Profiteering Peters

Michigan Senator Gary Peters Profits while leaving michigan behind


How Michigan Senator Gary Peters is in it for himself

Gary Peters Skipped over 80% of his China Committee Meetings

Gary Peters skipped work to fly to London for a fundraiser while Michiganders were making sacrifices to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Profited off of taxpayers

After being elected to Congress, Gary Peters’ net worth has more than doubled, receiving nearly $2 million dollars in taxpayer-funded salary while also taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from his state pension. Additionally, his wife’s assets have increased by nearly 500% since 2007.

Outsourced Michigan jobs

Gary Peters invested in companies that outsourced nearly 1,000 Michigan jobs to other countries, hurting Michigan families. Washington Examiner - 07/31/14

Gary Peters turned his back on our troops

Peters fought against funding for the VA, veterans housing programs, military pay raises, and health care and research for veterans and their families. He also fought against funding for processing veterans’ disability claims.

Tax Raiser

Gary Peters has repeatedly supported increasing taxes and fees, including online sales and fuel. Peters also supports raising the death tax from 35% to 45%. He supported these tax increases while his own campaign was subject to four federal tax liens for unpaid unemployment taxes.

He also fought against small business tax incentives and middle-class tax cuts.

Profited from Big Pharma

Invested thousands of dollars in pharmaceutical companies while criticizing them for overcharging for prescription drugs. He also received nearly $200,000 dollars in contributions from those same drug companies.

Radical Environmental Policies

Gary Peters supports many aspects of a radical environmental plan that could cost each family about $600,000 and voted twice in favor of extreme policies that could cost Michigan $16.5 billion and kill 91,000 jobs by 2030.

Welfare for Immigrants

Gary Peters voted to give illegal immigrants access to welfare benefits and opposes cracking down on sanctuary cities, even going so far as to say that “local authorities shouldn’t have to enforce federal rules”.

Doesn’t show up to work

Gary Peters failed to attend 35% of his committee meetings and only passed 6 pieces of legislation.


In the past, Gary Peters has supported Medicare for All even though it could cost taxpayers trillions of dollars, limit access to doctors and end private insurance.